Reconditioning of rolling transport chains / feeding chains, make IMA

Practically overnight!

Exchange the transport chain of your IMA edgebanding machine, or double end tenoner, against a reconditioned chain. Eliminate downtimes and bring back your machine to optimal processing. Because only a good transport chain guarantees a precise processing of your workpieces

This can be achived by a completely reconditioned exchange-chain from Wehrmann. New needle roller bearings, new chain plates, exactly measured. Our specialists will exchange the transport chain at your site and perfactly adjust the angle cut. This can also be done at a weekend...

Good reasons for Wehrmann and the used chain:
  • Fast service – IMA spare parts constantly available on stock
  • Good service – decades of experience in the repair of IMA edge processing machines
  • Favourable service – the reconditioned chain is significantly cheaper than a new chain

Why our reconditioned chain is equal to a new one:
  • The chain is completely dismantled and cleaned during the process of reconditioning.
  • Parts subject to wear will be completely exchanged.
  • Optical control of the other parts for cracks and damages.
  • Rollers with bolts and needle bearings, including sealing, will always be replaced.
  • Chains are assembled in 1080-mm-strings and measured at our test-bench.
  • Followed by the merging of the strings, so that a double sided machine runs exactly evenly – for a perfect angle cut.
  • The chains are lubricated and equipped with new chain plates.
  • The final result is an „as good as new“ feeding chain.

Example of a reconditioned transport chain after reassembling:

Large store with spare parts:

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