Cleaning SERVICE

In addition to demand maintenance of machinery - especially in complex machines and equipment - regular cleaning and waterproofing is required by experienced specialists. Unnecessary failures or inadvertent shutdowns are avoided, the maximum availability can be ensured. Moreover guarantee clean facilities high production quality and minimal impairment.

Wehrmann has the necessary technical know-how and is familiar with the production technology. Thus, our specialists are able to clean with the most appropriate methods in each case your machine with care and the environment.

The operating hours of our cleaning teams are based on the needs of our customers, eg in the production-hours, weekends or during the closing. Unnecessary production losses are largely avoided.
  • Cleaning of complete production plants
  • Cleaning of individual machines
  • Technical cleaning of paint, conveyors, etc.
Through the proper use resisting special cleaner we are able to offer even with perfect service electrical systems.

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