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CNC processing centre

typeBIMA 410 140/400
stock number0031064
  • 4-Axis machine  
  • LED-setup support
  • 18-fold tool changer
  • 22 vertical drilling spindles
  • Processing area: X = 4000, Y= 1400mm
Questions about this machine
CNC processing centre
Brand: IMA
Type: BIMA 410 140/400
Year: 2004

Technical data:
Machining area
-in X-direction with all units 4000 mm
-in Y direction with all units 1400 mm
Alternating field range:
without pendulum machining X = 2 x 1900 mm
with pendulum machining X = 2 x 1400 mm

17 inch colour monitor for entering and monitoring all data and functions

8 support arms infinitely adjustable in x-direction, each with one rear and
middle stop, all stops program-controlled with LED set-up aid for
8 support arms, 1400 mm long LED set-up aid to indicate the positions for
support arms and the vacuum clamping elements on the support arms by
LED strip light
6 support arms with pneumatic lifting device for easier loading of large workpieces

2 x vacuum pump 100 m3/h

1 main spindle
Drive power: 7.5 KW in S-1 mode

1 centrally integrated CNC axis rotating 360 degrees,
for all adapter units

1 automatic tool/adapter changing magazine
Arrangement: riding along the support in X-direction
Design: Plate changer
Magazine places: 18

1 vertical drilling unit
number of spindles: 11
spindle distance: 32 mm
Arrangement of the drilling gear in X-direction

1 vertical drilling unit
number of spindles: 11
Arrangement of the drilling gear in Y-direction

1 horizontal drilling unit, 4-spindle (crosshead)
2 x working in X direction
2 x working in Y direction

Optional available with 5 adapter units
- Grooving saw unit
- Grooving saw unit
- Underfloor milling excavator
- Horizontal sawing unit
- 4-sided horizontal drilling-sawing unit
+ various holders with milling tools

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Contact person

Klaus-Dieter B├╝scher
Sales Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg & Scandinavia