Edge lacquering for stairs

in through-feed!

A manufacturer of high quality wooden stairs was looking for a way to automate some processing steps for their wooden stairs. The top and bottom side of the solid wood and plywood stairs were already done with other machines. Still they were looking for a automated solution to do the same for the edges.

Our challenge was to create a machine that could do several steps of sanding and lacquering for stairs with varying heights and materials. Everything automated and in through.feed.

The solution was a used stand of an edge banding machine from IMA. This machine was providing a heavy stand and a solid pressure from top, to guarantee a stable transport of the heavy workpieces. Instead of the common processing units, there were special sanding units installed. Some of them swivable. And lacquer application roller with controlled pumps.

Some pictures of the machine:

The workpiece:

The machine while under construction in our workshop:

Sanding units for surface sanding:

Profile milling:

Brushing and sanding:

Lacquering unit, with pump and application rollers:

In front: UV drying. Right side: first sanding and first lacquer application.

The processed edge of the stair:
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