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CNC-boring machine VITAP POINT 2

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CNC-boring machine / VITAP / POINT 2
CNC-boring machine / VITAP / POINT 2
typePOINT 2
stock number1199959
- CNC controlled point to point boring machine with through feed panel boring from side and bottom, with automatic panel return to the operator.
Questions about this machine
CNC boring machine
Brand: VITAP
Type: POINT 2
New machine

Vitaps' smart solution for throughfeed drilling and grooving with autom. panel return to operator

3 controlled axis
- Axe X Uninterrupted movement of the panel due to a “New patented belt transport system”.
- Axe Y Movement of the drilling head
- Axe Z latest generation motor and ball screw.

- No limit in panel length

Perfect for batch 1:
- Setup time = 0
- High productivity and flexibility

Easy TPA programming
- Monitor LCD TFT 19" 5/4 Usb port for loading programs run on a station in each office
- Cutting optimization Software
- Graphics programming CAD TPA, base version
- Saving all files with all data
- Macro Programming
- Import DXF files
- Control: Full Parametric
- Office programming software TPA

Technical data:
- 9 vertical independent spindles
- 2+2 horizontal spindles on X axis
- 1+1 horizontal spindles on Y Axis 
- 1 blade for grooving

Workpiece dimensions:
- Max. size of the panel X (no limits), Y 920 mm, Z 50 mm
- Min. size of the panel X 270/400*mm, Y 150 mm, Z 10 mm
- Max. weight of the panel kg 50

- Spindles rotation speed  3600 rpm
- Panel feeding speed 25m/min
- Max. drilling depth in vertical: 45 mm
- Max. vertical diameter of the tools 35mm
- Max. horizontal diameter of the tools 12mm

- Motor power: 1,7 kw (spindle group and saw)


- Tool kit for production start

- Air conditioner for switch cabinet
- Voltage stabilizer for PC
- Additional top pressure

- Milling unit 3,3 kW
12.000 - 24.000 U/min.,
Chuck ER 32 for tool diameter up to 20mm

- Barcode reader
- Frontal and rear roller support for long workpieces:
- Narrow part guidance min. 70mm

your contact person

Richard Brakweh
Sales Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg & Scandinavia