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Plattensäge mit Hubtisch / SCM / Sigma Prima 67P

Plattensäge mit Hubtisch

SCM Sigma Prima 67P

CNC processing centre  / IMA / BIMA Cut 120 / 300

CNC processing centre

IMA BIMA Cut 120 / 300

Mehrzweck-Flächenschleifautomat / HEESEMANN / MFA Impression

Wide belt sanding machine


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Wehrmann: New and used woodworking machines for the furniture production

Equally resistant and flexible, versatile malleable and with a unique character, traditional, firmly rooted and at home on the international stage:

Resistant and flexible in equal parts, versatile and malleable and with a unique character, original, firmly rooted and at home on the international stage: We have a lot in common with the raw material, which we have been enthusiastically working with for over eighty years.

That is how we developed steadily – from a used machine specialist to a high-tech designer of wood working machines.

Your benefit: a partner who offers you exactly the solution you need. So that your company always delivers what it promises: wood at its best.

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In-house exhibition 27th - 29th September 2021
Dieselstraße 1, 32683 Barntrup

Register via or phone 05263410
Company Johannsmann is a full service provider who provides customers with competent advice, submits suitable plans and then implements the ideas with perfection – including installation at the customers.
Our VITAP showroom - the complete VITAP machine program ready for demonstration in Barntrup.

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