Postforming with radius

Postforming for furniture front panels with radius

An industrial manufacturer of mobile homes and caravans from Great Britain has chosen a special machine from Wehrmann for its furniture fronts. In order to offer the future caravan owners as much comfort as possible in the interior of the vehicle, the cupboard flaps of the upper cupboards should be rounded so that no one bumps into edges at head height. In addition to the functional considerations, there was also the requirement to finish the extremely light components with a high-quality edge area.

The customer has chosen the postforming process for edge processing, in which part of the carrier material is milled away and the remaining, high-quality top layer is carefully glued, placed around the resulting workpiece contour and pressed. The challenge here is that the furniture fronts are not straight, but have a radius. Classic edge processing machines for direct postforming cannot precisely guide these rounded parts past the tools. An adjustable counter pressure specially developed by Wehrmann is used here, which can be adjusted to different radii and part sizes and with which Wehrmann has already scored points with other caravan manufacturers. Of course, straight parts can also be processed on this postforming machine, giving you maximum flexibility.

The rapid processing of the furniture parts in an automatic process multiplies the customer's capacity compared to the previous, stationary work steps. Thanks to being equipped with a modern Beckhoff control system, the machine can be efficiently integrated into existing production.
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