OMMA has been our permanent partner in the range of glue application machines, glue mixing systems and film lamination systems for many years.
The range of glue application machines is defined from the 2-roller machine for smaller trades to the HOTMELT machine. Roll widths from 600 mm to over 2500 mm can be offered. OMMA machines are characterized by reliability, the highest quality and repeatability. Wehrmann has already installed many different machines for customers.
A major topic is currently the protective foil lamination for furniture parts. When transporting valuable workpieces in-house or between 2 production sites, the parts can be protected from damage. This not only protects the individual workpiece, it also avoids the even more costly post-production. Protective foil lamination systems from OMMA can apply the film to the workpiece in the desired pattern under program control.
OMMA also offers complete furniture parts lamination systems, one-sided, two-sided and for different types of glue.
Wehrmann is available to you as a contact for the large product portfolio of OMMA and is your guarantee for reliable productivity later on during service.


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