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Brushing machine OMMA SPX-1400 with cleaning fluid

Brushing machine with cleaning fluid / OMMA / SPX-1400
Brushing machine with cleaning fluid / OMMA / SPX-1400
stock number1199991
- for panel workpieces up to 1350 mm width
- top/bottom cross running cleaning brushes
- usind special fluid for fine dust
Questions about this machine
doubel side brushing unit
Brand: OMMA
New machine
with transversal cleaning system

Technical data:

Useful working width about mm 1.350
Maximum working thickness mm 150
Adjustable speed mt/min 5~25
Working level (adj. +/- 20mm) mm 905
Brush rotation speed about mt/min 92
Suction connections Ø mm 120
Installed power about kW 1,2
Color Ral 7035
Command side (in front machine, looking at the entrance) Right
Standard voltage v 400/50/3

Technical equipment:
- Top & bottom transversal cleaning system by means of motorized belts with special nylon brushes.
- Adjustable system to compensate the natural lengthening of the brushes, increasing the lifetime.
- Mechanical devices through the brushes to remove dust allowing the best
- Special cleaning system for the finest particles, with adjustable atomizers and
separate tank for specific cleaner.
- Double suction connection (top/bottom).
- Independent motors for cleaning and feeding section.
- Motorized infeed/outlet rollers rubber covered.
Top infeed/outlet shafts with rubber sectors and thickness compensation system.
- Electronic variable speed, through frequency charger.
- Thickness control complete with hand-wheel and high precision analogue display; reading precision 1/10 of mm.
- Safety device that stop machine in case one piece with thickness bigger then pre-set enter into the machine.
- Electronic photocell in front of the machine, to activate on/off switching when a
piece is passing through.
- Independent electric cabinet with 5mt cables.
- Electric consents and analogic signals 0-10v, to match the speed with infeed/outfeed motorized conveyors (if present).
- CE certified.
- Manuals on CD in German language.

- Automatic thickness adjustment, visualized on
digital display
- Lowerable connector with motorized rollers at
the exit, for best access to the front of the
following machine
- antistatic bars+generator; bars will be
mounted just after the cleaning brushes to
avoid/limit that new dust can be attracted
- Lateral extraction with wheels on rails and cable
chain holder

Contact person

Richard Brakweh
Sales Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg & Scandinavia