Weeke sold

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Weeke CNC machine delivered to Johannsmann

Company Johannsmann is a full service provider who provides customers with competent advice, submits suitable plans and then implements the ideas with perfection – including installation at the customers.
For more than 100 years company Johannsmann in Harsewinkel has been producing individual furniture, doors and stairs. 
In order to increase this top quality and productivity even further, the use of a powerful CNC machine was the logical consequence for the Johannsmann company.   
The right machine was then also found in the extensive range of machines at Wehrmann - a WEEKE 4-axis CNC machine with a powerful 15 KW milling spindle and 2 changers for a total of 22 tools.
After working for a few weeks with the machine Bernd Johannsmanns conclusion was: ”Everything done right.”
Today the company manufacures components on the machine they haven´t thought about 8 weeks ago due to the endless possibilities the machine offers.
Mr. Johannsmann also praises the Wehrmann company for handling the project so professional. “Everything was right here too. From the demonstration of the machine to Wehrmann, the smooth assembly and advice on the right tool ”.