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Edge processing line for fast increase of capacity

A customer was in need to double his production, due to winning a new contract. Wehrmann delivers machines and automation to upgrade his existing machine to a fully functional production line.
Goal of this project was to provide a fast solution. Wehrmann solved this by using immediatly available used machines and a Beckhoff line control.

An infeed from Bargstedt, a double sided edge banding machine type Combima from IMA and a turning station were used to complete the line. Components were checked and repaired if needed. Important parts, that are crucial for a reliable production were replaced, like the transport chain and the drive, as well as parts that are subject to wear.

After succesfully testing the line in the workshop, it was delivered tot he customer site and connected to the existing IMA Combima edge banding machine.

By this the customer was able to complete his contract fast. Even more, he was getting a solid high industry production line suitable for 3 shift opperation. Capacity was raised from 4000 to 8000 parts per shift. Due to the high level of automation the line can be run by the same amout of people that were needed for the original machine.