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Vertical panel saw

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Vertical panel saw / PUTSCH / SVP 145 M
Vertical panel saw / PUTSCH / SVP 145 M
typeSVP 145 M
stock number1110008
max. cutting length: 4200 mm
max. cutting height: 2200 mm
max. cutting depth: 60 mm
engine power: 5 PS (3,7 KW)
Questions about this machine
Vertical panel-sizing saw
Brand: Putsch
Type: SVP 145 M
New machine


The SVP 145 M is a vertical panel saw for cutting panels in vertical and horizontal direction. The frame of the saw is completely welded and has a support grid for the workpieces to be processed, consisting of aluminium strips and plastic inserts. The automatic grid displacement ensures that the saw blade does not hit the support bars during horizontal cuts. The lower workpiece supports consist of aluminium soles and plastic inserts. For the easy movement of the workpieces, the machine is equipped with retractable transport rollers. The saw beam and the saw carriage can be moved and adjusted by hand, the saw beam can be fixed in 5 vertical sawing positions for this purpose. The comfortable insertion and removal of the saw head is ensured by an ergonomically shaped handle.

Standard equipment:
- Electrically driven, automatic shifting grid
- Swivelling central support, for narrow workpieces (length approx. 2340 mm)
- 4 sliding blocks to fix horizontal cuts
- 2 dimensional stops for vertical cuts
- Retractable transport rollers
- Self-braking motor
- Preparation for connection to separate suction system
- TRK extraction system (BG wood dust tested)
- 400V/3/50Hz
- Safety devices, sound insulation, tool set for saw blade change
- Operating instructions and spare parts catalogue

Technical data:
- max. cutting length: 4200 mm
- max. vertical cut : 4200 mm
  (4100 with digit. dimension display for vertical cuts)
- max. cutting height: 2200 mm
- highest horizontal cut: 2080 mm
- max. cutting depth: 60 mm
- engine power: 5 hp (3,7 KW)
- saw blade diameter: 250 mm
- saw blade speed: 5300 rpm

A-machine as described above
B-machine with scorer with saw blade (Ø 70mm - 12000 rpm)

Accessories available on request:
- Surcharge for ECO VERSION: suction channels for vertical cuts
  with pneumatic valve control (incl. **) EUR 3,900.00
- Additional stop for panels with low height ** EUR 260.00
- Additional center support (total length approx. 4680 mm) ** EUR 260.00
- Horizontal strip stop EUR 260.00
- Movable unit for narrow workpieces EUR 190.00
- Scorer with Widia knives (only for version A) EUR 1,020.00
- Digit. dimension display for vertical cuts EUR 1,400.00
- Digit. dimension display for horizontal cuts EUR 1,275.00
- depth stop for grooving cutter EUR 360.00
- Sensor for detecting the lifted transport rollers / warning lamp EUR 260.00
- Angle cutting device EUR 2,830.00
- Kit for machining sandwich Alucobond® panels
  (without milling cutter) with depth stop EUR 1,570.00
- Speed regulator 2000/6000 rpm' EUR 5,200.00
- Price for cutting length 5300 mm EUR 1,800.00
- Surcharge for wall model EUR 1,920.00
- Surcharge for double system bars (7 additional bars) EUR 910.00
- Pneumatically lockable saw carriage for horizontal cuts EUR 860.00
- Pneumatic immersion of the sawing unit (only for version B) EUR 2,500.00
- Pneumatic lifting and lowering of conveyor rollers EUR 660.00
- Posi system: consisting of an automatic stop, the digit. dimension display
  for vertical cuts and the input display.
  This accessory also includes the digit. Dimension display for horizontal cuts
  EUR 5,560.00

This saw is available in further variations:

SVP 145 S
Difference to SVP 145 M:
- manual sliding grate with visual marking
- 1 dimensional stop for vertical cuts

SVP 145 A
Difference to SVP 145 M:
- Pneumatically driven, automatic sliding grate
- Pneumatic immersion of the sawing unit
- Movable plant for narrow workpieces
- Available as wall model (without surcharge)
- Engine power: 6 PS (4,5 KW)

Contact person

Klaus-Dieter B├╝scher
Sales Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg & Scandinavia