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Panel saw, vertical

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Panel saw, vertical / PUTSCH / SVP 950 M
Panel saw, vertical / PUTSCH / SVP 950 M
typeSVP 950 M
stock number1110009
Max. cut length: 5300 mm
Max. cut height: 2200 mm
Max. cut depth: 80 mm
Motor power: 7,5 hp (5,6 KW)
Questions about this machine
Vertical panel saw
Brand: Putsch
Type: SVP 950 M
New machine


The SVP 950 M is a vertical saw for cutting panels in vertical and horizontal direction. The frame of the saw is completely welded and it has a working table for the workpieces which consists of aluminium fences with plastic inserts.
To prevent a contact with the saw blade while doing horizontal cuts, the frame is equipped with an automatic moving support. The lower workpiece supports consist of aluminium and have lowerable transport rolls.
The saw beam and the saw unit can be adjusted and moved manually. Therefore the saw beam can be fixed at 6 vertical sawing positions.
The simple shift of the saw head is possible because of an ergocnomical formed handle.

Standard equipment:
- Electric driven, automatic moving support
- Swivable central support for small workpieces (length approx. 4680 mm)
- 4 grooving stones for fixing horizontal cuts
- 2 reference stops for vertical cuts
- lowerable transport rolls
- additional supports for panels with lower height
- horizontal reference stop
- self breaking motor
- Prepared for connecting of a separate dust extraction
- TRK extraction system (BG wood dust tested)
- 400V/3/50Hz
- Safety device, noise absorbtion, tool set for saw blade change
- instruction and spare parts catalogue

Technical data:
- max. cut length: 5300 mm
- max. vertical cut : 5200 mm
  (5100 with digit. dimension display for vertical cuts)
- max. cut height: 2200 mm
- highest horizontal cut: 2100 mm
- max. cut depth: 80 mm
- motor power: 7,5 hp (5,6 KW)
- saw blade diameter: 300 mm
- saw blade rotation: 5000 rpm

Accessoires available on request:
- Surcharge for ECO VERSION: suction channels for vertical cuts
  with pneumatic valve pilot EUR 4,350.00
- Scorer with Widia-knifes EUR 1,020.00
- Digit. display for vertical cuts EUR 1,400.00
- Digit. display for horizontal cuts EUR 1,275.00
- Movable support for narrow workpieces EUR 190.00
- Depth stop for groove milling unit EUR 360.00
- Sensor for recognition of the lifted transport rolls / safety lamp EUR 260.00
- Angular cut device EUR 2,830.00
- Kit for processing of Sandwich-Alucobond®-panels
  (without milling unit) with depth stop EUR 1,570.00
- Speed regulator 2000/6000 rpm' EUR 5,350.00
- Surcharge for wall-mounted design EUR 2,200.00
- Surcharge for double reference strips (7 additional strips) EUR 910.00
- Pneumatic blockable saw unit for horizontal cuts EUR 810.00
- Pneumatic plunge in of the saw unit EUR 2,500.00
- Pneumatic lifting and sinking of the transport rollers EUR 660.00
- Posi system: consisting of an automatic stop, the digit. dimension display
  for vertical cuts and the input display.
  The Posi system also includes the digit. Dimension display for horizontal cuts
  EUR 5,560.00

The machine is also available in the variation SVP 950 A:
- automatic feed and disconnectable return of the saw beam and carriage
  for vertical and horizontal cuts with two feed speeds
  of 12 m/min. and 24 m/min. for time-saving work
  and higher material  throughput
- Pneumatically driven, automatic sliding grate
- Pneumatic immersion of the sawing unit
- available as wall model (without surcharge)

Contact person

Klaus-Dieter B├╝scher
Sales Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg & Scandinavia